This is a comprehensive list of the open source software I have created. This page should keep you from having to search through dozens of posts to find the links you want. Just click the project title and you will be taken to the project home page. There, you will find documentation, downloads, and more.


css2xpath Reloaded

A C# port of this CSS to XPath tool.


Semi-automated removal of ASCII art, useless comments, and other garbage from source code.


An easy to use ScrollableView wrapper for Titanium that supports finite and infinite scrolling.


A debugger type proxy used to “promote” base members of inherited classes so they appear side-by-side with members of the active class.


My Vim configuration files



Textarea Line Count

Calculates several statistics about the lines in a textarea


Simplified use of jQuery UI Dialogs


An open-source, C# port of the CSS to XPath Selector converter by the same name (css2xpath).


A jQuery plugin for detecting characters where browsers can wrap text.

CSS Image Embedder

Embeds images in CSS files using the data uri scheme.

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  1. Chris, I work at a broadcast station and need a bit of advice on selecting a switching power supply for an audio console. Can you spare a few moments?
    I’m looking for a dual +15/-15 volt supply, 3A each. I have a height requirement of less than 3 inches. Do you know anyone selling SMPS units designed for audio?
    Rick Martin

    1. Hi Rick, I don’t have much experience with power supplies, so take my advice with a grain of salt… Are you looking for a commercial, rack mounted supply, or a just a standalone discrete supply? Chris

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