Arduino Electronics

SPI with Arduino

After a lot of hunting around, I finally found a great resource on using Arduino as a SPI slave:¬† Plenty of resources exist for using Arduino as a SPI master (including Arduino’s own SPI library), but I couldn’t find much on using it as a slave. That link includes information on both. I hope someone …

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JavaScript jQuery

jQuery Deconstructed

I really enjoy exploring jQuery’s source code. Recently, I’ve been using James Padolsey’s jQuery Source Viewer. It’s a really neat tool that lets you type in the name of a function (even if it’s an internal function!) and view its source. Just today, I’ve discovered a different tool/series called JS Libs Deconstructed. Not only will …

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Reading ARP entries with C#

[OUTDATED – It has been a while since I looked at this, so it’s probably very outdated.] Recently, I needed to locate a device on my network using ARP (Address Resolution Protocol). I could have written code that directly uses the protocol to discover the device, by essentially probing a range of addresses on my network …

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