Emulating nested optgroups in Django Forms

Some motivation Django has a field called ChoiceField which lets you very easily create a <select> dropdown in your forms. A great feature is the ability to transform nested choices into appropriate <optgroup> groups. For instance, the following code: …creates a field that when rendered looks something like this:   The HTML that Django produced looks […]

VirtualScroller 1.2.1 released

I just released version 1.2.1 of VirtualScroller. This minor update adds two enhancements: Any number of items (at least 1) is supported. If less than 6 items are specified, the VirtualScroller falls back on a standard ScrollableView with the fancy scroll logic disabled. This is transparent to developers and users. Resolves issue 3. VirtualScroller automatically […]

Textarea Line Count 1.4.1 released

I’ve released a minor update to Textarea Line Count. This release fixes two issues: Default options were not actually included in the plugin, although they are detailed in the documentation The plugin only took textareas as jQuery objects – it didn’t allow selectors (once again contrary to the documentation) You can grab the new downloads […]

jQuery UI 1.9 released, dialogWrapper still working!

jQuery UI 1.9 is finally here! What does that mean for dialogWrapper? Well, it would seem like the answer to that question is: nothing. A redesign of the dialog API is not present in version 1.9, and it doesn’t look like it will happen until the 2.0 release, according to the official site. The planned […]

Detecting a touch screen in Titanium

I looked through the Titanium documentation and user boards, but I couldn’t find a simple way to detect whether a device has a touch screen (as opposed to a trackball). Obviously, all iDevices will have touch screens, so this code is really meant for Android and web deployments. Here is my very primitive (but functional) […]

Using Appcelerator Titanium with Android on 64-bit Windows 7

If anyone else is having trouble with the combo of Titanium, the Android SDK, and Windows 7 64-bit, then maybe this post if for you. It took me a few hours to get right. Upon clicking “Android Emulator” under the Run button, I was receiving errors about jarsigner and java missing. Here’s what you have […]

VirtualScroller: A Titanium module supporting memory-efficient finite and infinite scrolling

Time to release something new. I’ve been working on a little project to develop an Android app. I’ve chosen Titanium because the app is simple (no network connectivity, sensor interaction, maps, etc.) and the learning curve for Titanium is low. I had been working with the Android SDK for about a week (very frustrating), and […]

New versions of Textarea Line Count, dialogWrapper, and wrapDetector

Changes, changes. I’ve just finished adding the grunt build system to all my JavaScript projects. This has made it so much easier to manage them. Now instead of manually generating the minified versions (copy-pasting to Google Closure Compiler), worrying about the license files being up to date, etc., I can issue a single command and […]