Converting CSS selectors to XPath selectors with C#: css2xpath Reloaded

Almost three years ago I released css2xpath#, a port of Andrea Giammarchi’s project by the same name. Today, I’m excited to announce a new project, css2xpath Reloaded, which will supplant my previous project. css2xpath Reloaded does the same thing that css2xpath# did (convert CSS selectors to XPath selectors), but is instead based off of Ian […]

BaseMemberPromotingProxy binary posted on BitBucket

I’ve posted BaseMemberPromotingProxy.dll to the downloads section of the BaseMemberPromotingProxy BitBucket. Now you don’t have to compile the source yourself to use it – just grab the DLL and you’re all set! Also, to anyone that has been compiling (or modifying) the source, note that I made a few commits that correct a stupid spelling mistake. In […]

Solving Code Contracts caching errors

If you’re trying to set up caching with Code Contracts (and SQL Server CE) but getting errors, then this is the post for you. On a fresh install of Code Contracts, enabling caching might spawn this error: Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Data.SqlServerCe, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91’ or one of its dependencies. […]

BaseMemberPromotingProxy – simplify your debugger displays of nested classes

Introduction BaseMemberPromotingProxy is a (terribly named) class meant to be used as the target for the DebuggerTypeProxy attribute. The code is based off of Jared Parsons’ FlattenHierarchyProxy. Like the original, BaseMemberPromotingProxy (which will be referred to as BMPP throughout the rest of this post) is designed to improve the debugger displays of classes that inherit […]

Two great articles on customizing debugger displays with C# and Visual Studio

I’ve been working on a rather large project for the past few months (a library), and I’ve had the need to customize how the debugger displays my classes during a debug session. I found two very helpful articles from Jared Par that I wanted to share.   Article #1: FlattenHierarchyProxy A problem I ran into […]

Hack a Guitar Hero drumset to use it with any computer over USB, Part 5

< < Part 4   BitBucket repository is live: In the final post in this five part series, I’ll develop a client side application in Python to communicate with our drumset which was modified in part 4. The final result will be a simple command line interface (for now) that looks like this:   […]

Using css2xpath to inline CSS stylesheets

I was looking through my referrer stats the other day and found a neat use of my port of css2xpath: The author uses css2xpath to aid in inlining CSS stylesheets. Here is an excerpt of the project (I trimmed the first two paragraphs): This week I worked on adding confirmation emails to our quiz system and […]

Automatically embedding images in CSS: CSS Image Embedder

I’ve created a quick, simple tool that converts CSS file references (like url(images/someimage.png)) to inline image data (like url(‘data:….’)). Written in C#, and available as an open source download (see below), the tool is a point-and-click alternative to manually making the data URIs. To use the tool, follow these three steps: Open the CSS file […]