wrapDetector: Automatically detect word-wrappable characters

I’d like to announce my latest plugin: wrapDetector. wrapDetector is designed to do one thing: return a list of characters at which a line can wrap. I’ve created the project at BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/MostThingsWeb/wrapdetector. If you find it interesting, give it a try. I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Zend Framework Pitfall: Non-working ErrorController (404 errors)

I’ve begun my journey into the world of Zend Framework, and like a lot of other people out there, I’m clueless. Nevertheless, I am slowly (very slowly, I’ll add) using it to develop my first project. I’ve already encountered a few problems that I’ve been able to fix. They were very annoying to track down; […]

Automatically embedding images in CSS: CSS Image Embedder

I’ve created a quick, simple tool that converts CSS file references (like url(images/someimage.png)) to inline image data (like url(‘data:….’)). Written in C#, and available as an open source download (see below), the tool is a point-and-click alternative to manually making the data URIs. To use the tool, follow these three steps: Open the CSS file […]

Converting CSS selectors to XPath selectors with C#: css2xpath

While working with HtmlAgilityPack to build a web scrapper/crawler, I noticed something: I hate XPath. It’s big, clunky, and verbose. After a bit of searching, I found a neat online app: http://css2xpath.appspot.com/. As the name suggests, it converts CSS selectors to XPath selectors. The only problem is that I wanted a client-side solution. A little […]

Bayes Filtering in Javascript

I’ve been trying to put together a Bayesian classifier in JavaScript, mostly for spam filtering purposes. It didn’t turn out very well. So, I Googled for such a thing and found this: http://www.onemanclapping.org/2008/10/bayes-filtering-in-javascript.html. It looks very well done and I’d recommend it (from the brief testing I’ve done with it), although I’d like to point […]