New versions of Textarea Line Count, dialogWrapper, and wrapDetector

Changes, changes. I’ve just finished adding the grunt build system to all my JavaScript projects. This has made it so much easier to manage them. Now instead of manually generating the minified versions (copy-pasting to Google Closure Compiler), worrying about the license files being up to date, etc., I can issue a single command and […]

All projects have been moved to BitBucket

I’ve just finished moving all my projects to BitBucket and changing their version control systems to Mercurial. This change was a long time coming: Subversion was really pissing me off (I know Google Code supports it but BitBucket has a nicer interface) and Google Code had a few annoyances. So, here are the updated links for each […]

Using css2xpath to inline CSS stylesheets

I was looking through my referrer stats the other day and found a neat use of my port of css2xpath: The author uses css2xpath to aid in inlining CSS stylesheets. Here is an excerpt of the project (I trimmed the first two paragraphs): This week I worked on adding confirmation emails to our quiz system and […]

Bye bye GoDaddy, and hello Hawk Host!

Although I’ve generally been dissatisfied with GoDaddy (sex-sells marketing, constant up-sells, etc.), their most recent infraction really pushed me over the edge: error logs are not enabled by default. Logs must be explicitly enabled, which isn’t very helpful after an error has just occurred, which is usually the case on a live site. Granted, this was on […]

dialogWrapper 2.1 Released

IMPORTANT: Please read this blog post before updating. The latest version, by default, breaks compatibility with previous versions! I am happy to announce that dialogWrapper 2.1 has been released! Download/read about it at BitBucket:   What’s new? The biggest change is that all methods are now namespaced! For example, instead of writing: … by default […]