Textarea Line Count 1.4.1 released

I’ve released a minor update to Textarea Line Count. This release fixes two issues: Default options were not actually included in the plugin, although they are detailed in the documentation The plugin only took textareas as jQuery objects – it didn’t allow selectors (once again contrary to the documentation) You can grab the new downloads […]

Debugging Android HTTPS traffic with Fiddler and Connectify

If you’re trying to debug an app (or website) on Android that is using HTTPS, then this short guide might be for you. I’ll show you how to set up Fiddler and Connectify Me so that you can view your device’s encrypted communications. Requirements Computer with internet access and WiFi Android device that supports WiFi proxies (Honeycomb or […]

Solving Code Contracts caching errors

If you’re trying to set up caching with Code Contracts (and SQL Server CE) but getting errors, then this is the post for you. On a fresh install of Code Contracts, enabling caching might spawn this error: Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Data.SqlServerCe, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91’ or one of its dependencies. […]

jQuery UI 1.9 released, dialogWrapper still working!

jQuery UI 1.9 is finally here! What does that mean for dialogWrapper? Well, it would seem like the answer to that question is: nothing. A redesign of the dialog API is not present in version 1.9, and it doesn’t look like it will happen until the 2.0 release, according to the official site. The planned […]

BaseMemberPromotingProxy – simplify your debugger displays of nested classes

Introduction BaseMemberPromotingProxy is a (terribly named) class meant to be used as the target for the DebuggerTypeProxy attribute. The code is based off of Jared Parsons’ FlattenHierarchyProxy. Like the original, BaseMemberPromotingProxy (which will be referred to as BMPP throughout the rest of this post) is designed to improve the debugger displays of classes that inherit […]

Two great articles on customizing debugger displays with C# and Visual Studio

I’ve been working on a rather large project for the past few months (a library), and I’ve had the need to customize how the debugger displays my classes during a debug session. I found two very helpful articles from Jared Par that I wanted to share.   Article #1: FlattenHierarchyProxy A problem I ran into […]

Having trouble logging into Origin even though you typed the right password?

For the last few days, Origin (EA’s content delivery system, not Origin.com) was pissing me off because although I entered my correct password, it would still reject my login. Then I would have to start the password reset process by requesting a reset key and choosing a new password. I was then logged in successfully, […]

How to store, protect and organize electronic parts

Over the past few years, I’ve amassed quite the collection of basic electronic components (chips, resistors, etc.), little microcontrollers (Arduinos and Arduino clones), and a few other tiny gadgets (the coolest of which I consider to be this mini WiFi module). With all of these sensitive components and modules, I sought a simple and cost-effective […]