Converting CSS selectors to XPath selectors with C#: css2xpath Reloaded

Almost three years ago I released css2xpath#, a port of Andrea Giammarchi’s project by the same name. Today, I’m excited to announce a new project, css2xpath Reloaded, which will supplant my previous project. css2xpath Reloaded does the same thing that css2xpath# did (convert CSS selectors to XPath selectors), but is instead based off of Ian […]

VirtualScroller 1.2.1 released

I just released version 1.2.1 of VirtualScroller. This minor update adds two enhancements: Any number of items (at least 1) is supported. If less than 6 items are specified, the VirtualScroller falls back on a standard ScrollableView with the fancy scroll logic disabled. This is transparent to developers and users. Resolves issue 3. VirtualScroller automatically […]

A basic “man-in-the-middle” proxy with Twisted

[OUTDATED – It has been a while since I looked at this, so it’s probably very outdated. Please check the comments.] I came across a nice example of a Twisted “man-in-the-middle” style proxy on Stack Overflow. This style of proxy is great for logging traffic between two endpoints, as well as modifying the requests and […]

Solving the Timeout=2 error when updating WiFly firmware

While attempting to update the firmware of my WiFly module, I was getting a Timeout=2 error from the ftp update command, even after I had set the new update server (with the help of these instructions). The solution I found was to change the FTP mode from passive to active, and then attempt the update process. […]

How to get Amazon Instant Video working in Linux after the recent Flash update

As many have noticed, Flash on Linux was recently upgraded to version This update breaks the ability to use Amazon Instant Video. The best solution I found is at AskUbuntu. However, there were a few steps missing (such as purging the plugin cache), so I made an edit to add those steps. So, if […]

BaseMemberPromotingProxy binary posted on BitBucket

I’ve posted BaseMemberPromotingProxy.dll to the downloads section of the BaseMemberPromotingProxy BitBucket. Now you don’t have to compile the source yourself to use it – just grab the DLL and you’re all set! Also, to anyone that has been compiling (or modifying) the source, note that I made a few commits that correct a stupid spelling mistake. In […]