Solving the Timeout=2 error when updating WiFly firmware

While attempting to update the firmware of my WiFly module, I was getting a Timeout=2 error from the ftp update command, even after I had set the new update server (with the help of these instructions). The solution I found was to change the FTP mode from passive to active, and then attempt the update process.

The complete steps I followed, immediately after booting up the module:

  1. $$$   (to get into command mode)
  2. factory RESET
  3. reboot
  4. [ connect to your network – you will need an internet connection to perform the update ]
  5. set ftp address   (the new update server address)
  6. set ftp mode 1
  7. save
  8. ftp update
  9. factory RESET
  10. reboot
  11. When the module reboots, you should see <4.00> at the start of every terminal line.

It is possible that this may work for you without performing step 6. This probably depends on your network and firewall setup. Give a try first without step 6, and then with step 6 if it doesn’t work the first time.

9 thoughts on “Solving the Timeout=2 error when updating WiFly firmware”

  1. ftp address is wrong, I am trying every address between and, hopefully in the next 10 years or so I will get this wifly module firmware updated

      1. I am trying the update right now again. I guess you’re right, the IP address is correct. The problem is rather that my RN-131 runs v2.21, which doesn’t even know the “ftp mode” yet. So it seems I’m stuck with it.

        1. Oh no… After having the idea of installing a local ftp server on my OS X Mac, ensuring it handles passive mode, I was finally able to use the “ftp update” command. I then issued “factory RESET” and “reboot”, and now I cannot connect to it any more wirelessly, with the Adhoc jumper plugged in – before the update this was still possible. The WiFly-GSD-XX appears in the list of networks, but connceting to it fails now. Damn!

        2. Nevermind. After about 5 more resets of the device I could finally connect to it again. Before that, two Macs and an iPad all had the same problem, saing that its was not connectible. But maybe they just required a 30 minute timeout to realize that the former AdHoc spot was now suddenly an AP spot. Anyway, I’ve now successfully updated to 4.41, but I had to keep using my own ftp server.

  2. I changed the ftp mode to 10 and 1. Even after these settings I still get ftp timeout=2 for mif file update. I could successfully update the img file. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  3. Thank you for your post, I eventually updated my WiFly RN-131C from 2.32 to the current version 4.41 as shown below. Note at the first reboot it said **CFG_ERR* and was not able to associate to my network but after the second reboot it did work.

    set ftp user roving
    set ftp password Pass123
    set ftp directory public
    set ftp filename wifly3-441.img
    set ftp mode 1
    set ftp address
    set ftp time 200
    get ftp
    ftp update
    FTP connecting to
    FTP file=34
    FTP OK.
    factory RESET
    Set Factory Defaults
    wifly-GSX Ver: 4.41 Build: r1057, Jan 17 2014 10:26:26 on RN-131
    MAC Addr=00:06:66:30:4d:a5

    factory RESET
    Set Factory Defaults
    *Reboot*wifly-GSX Ver: 4.41 Build: r1057, Jan 17 2014 10:26:26 on RN-131
    MAC Addr=00:06:66:30:4d:a5

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