Happy belated new year!

Happy belated new year! Wow, I’ve been slacking on this blog. Anyway, I wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been doing over the past month and what I’ll be doing in 2013.

So long Windows!

I’ve switched to Linux! Linux Mint, to be exact. I made the switch during my Christmas break, and after a few weeks of getting adjusted, I don’t think I can ever switch back to Windows again. While I still have a small Windows partition for games (Battlefield 3, anyone?), my day-to-day activities are now carried out exclusively on Linux. There were a few factors that caused me to switch:

  • Python development (which I feel myself gravitating more towards) sucks on Windows
  • I was tired of reinstalling Windows every few years
  • Linux is more secure (of course)

What does this mean for my blog/projects? Well, I think I’ll be spending less time with C#, unfortunately. I’ve installed MonoDevelop and Mono, which I’m looking forward to working with, but the draw of Python may end up being too great. I don’t think I’ll ever give up C#, however.

Less C#, more Python

As I said, I’ll be spending more time with Python. I’m hoping to come up with some good Python posts.

Raspberry Pi!

Over break I acquired my first Raspberry Pi (model B). Currently, its sole purpose is a No-IP client, but I have big plans for it. Sensor gateway, anyone? More on that some other time.


I’ve been using C++ on a very basic level for the last year or two (with Arduino and a few other projects,) but this year I’ll be investigating it much more.


And finally, I have a few improvements in mind for VirtualScroller, my Titanium module for implementing memory-efficient infinite (and finite) scrolling. In addition, I’ll probably be playing around with some networking stuff on Titanium.

Well, that’s what I’ve got lined up for now, although I’m sure I’ll get side-tracked during the course of the year and end up working on completely different stuff in addition to what I’ve listed. Either way, 2013 should be fun.

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