VirtualScroller 1.1.1 released

I’ve updated VirtualScroller (grab the latest download here). Here is the change log for the new version:

  • Breaking change: The return value of the factory method now returns an object, not a View. To access the VirtualScroller view (to add it to your view or window), you need the view property of the return value. See the Wiki for more information.
  • Dispose method: Call the dispose method to clean up event listeners and views used by the VirtualScroller instance. Not required but highly suggested.
  • Improved anti-jitter: With this new update I can almost guarantee that your VirtualScroller instance will never end up in an invalid state. In the past, this has happened when someone scrolls the VirtualScroller too fast.
  • Improved options handling: Internally, I’ve added deep option defaulting, which gives you the ability to override properties in sub-options (like top in containerDef, for example) without overriding the entire object. This functionality is similar to jQuery’s $.extend.
  • Accessibility: Set touchSupported to false (the default is true) to enable support for trackball navigation of the VirtualScroller. This is useful if you plan to publish your app on Amazon Appstore, or another app store that doesn’t require devices to have touchscreens.
  • Auto-focus: Set autoFocus to true and the first child of each view will be focused automatically upon viewing.

Access the updated documentation here.

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