Detecting a touch screen in Titanium

I looked through the Titanium documentation and user boards, but I couldn’t find a simple way to detect whether a device has a touch screen (as opposed to a trackball). Obviously, all iDevices will have touch screens, so this code is really meant for Android and web deployments.

Here is my very primitive (but functional) solution. Place this code where the first window that your user interacts with is created.

    Titanium.App.Properties.setBool("touch", false);

    function touchStart(){
        Titanium.App.Properties.setBool("touch", true);
        self.removeEventListener("touchstart", touchStart);

    self.addEventListener("touchstart", touchStart);

The first time the user touches the screen (indicating that a touch screen is present), an application-wide setting is written indicating touch support.

In the rest of your application, check for touch support with:

var hasTouchSupport = Titanium.App.Properties.setBool("touch", false);

Note: I found that it was necessary to first clear the setting, for some reason, at least during debugging on an emulator. You could probably get rid of that first line.

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