New versions of Textarea Line Count, dialogWrapper, and wrapDetector

Changes, changes. I’ve just finished adding the grunt build system to all my JavaScript projects. This has made it so much easier to manage them.

Now instead of manually generating the minified versions (copy-pasting to Google Closure Compiler), worrying about the license files being up to date, etc., I can issue a single command and everything is taken care of.

This also means that JSLint is run whenever I build my projects. So naturally, in the span of a few hours I caught a bunch of warnings and errors that I had previously never seen. I’ll go through the projects one at a time.


Textarea Line Count

Very important fixes. Updated to version 1.4. Let me say, I’m surprised that I didn’t receive any bug reports on version 1.3. Running JSLint revealed variables that didn’t exist, or that were named incorrectly. Oops. That’s what I get for not using a build system sooner.



Updated to version 2.1.1. No bug fixes here, just a few minor changes to keep JSLint happy.



Updated to version 1.0.1. Same as with dialogWrapper.

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to make the Wiki public :). Fixed.

        1. You’re welcome! Thanks again for letting me know. All 5 of my Wikis were made private for some reason (though I could have sworn I had made at least a few public).

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