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Take a look my friend’s new blog about tea: http://epiteablog.com/

He has some neat information on the science and history of tea, how to brew it properly, and reviews of various teas. There will also be a store opening soon.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his latest posts about the origins of Rooibos tea.

So, what is this Rooibos Tea?

For centuries in a small part of what is now South Africa, people were using a redish bush to cure ailments, promote health, and increase longevity. The people there took the dried leaves of this bush to make what we now call Rooibos tea (roy-bos).

This Rooibos tea remained in South Africa for centuries until very recently. Even at the dawn of the new century Rooibos tea was not widely known outside of the country…

So far it’s looking very promising and active, with multiple updates a week. Go check it out: http://epiteablog.com/

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