Using css2xpath to inline CSS stylesheets

I was looking through my referrer stats the other day and found a neat use of my port of css2xpath

The author uses css2xpath to aid in inlining CSS stylesheets. Here is an excerpt of the project (I trimmed the first two paragraphs):

This week I worked on adding confirmation emails to our quiz system and was introduced to the maddeningly fickle world of HTML emails…

I had hoped that the detailed confirmation emails could simply re-use the HTML that our system already generated, but after a few test emails it became apparent that most of that HTML relied heavily on external stylesheets which no email client would render. With mounting dread I foresaw the likelihood that I would have to write another rendering engine for emails rather than re-using the one we already had…

Willing to do almost anything to avoid this code duplication I wondered if I could take the HTML rendered by the existing quiz engine and just tweak it to get it work in our emails. So how hard would it be to write some code that took these external stylesheets and applied them as inline rules (which is supported to some degree by most email clients)? Not hard at all as it turns out.

Read about the full project here:

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