Bye bye GoDaddy, and hello Hawk Host!

Although I’ve generally been dissatisfied with GoDaddy (sex-sells marketing, constant up-sells, etc.), their most recent infraction really pushed me over the edge: error logs are not enabled by default.

Logs must be explicitly enabled, which isn’t very helpful after an error has just occurred, which is usually the case on a live site. Granted, this was on a shared hosting server. But, considering that I was paying about $8 a month, you’d think that such a simple feature wouldn’t be too much to ask for. With this in mind, I began researching replacement web hosts.

I don’t remember exactly how I discovered Hawk Host, but it might have been after reading this review on SitePoint. After a little more digging around, I found that the general consensus was that it is a good company with fast and helpful support. Case and point: During my research, I had a question about domain transfers so I sent them an email. Not only did I get a response a few hours later, but it was from the CEO! I’m not sure if it’s standard practice for him to answer a few support emails here and there, but I was sold.

After exchanging a few more emails, I committed to a hosting plan with two domain transfers. During setup, I did encounter a few problems (which turned out to be related to my stupidity), but HawkHost’s support was very helpful. It was refreshing to get responses that actually pertained to my problem, as opposed to a canned response (*cough* GoDaddy *cough*). They had a very “Yes, we can help you do that.” attitude that I really liked.

The thing I immediately noticed was how fast HawkHost’s servers are; hopefully you too have noticed that this blog has gotten faster. I was so sick of 10 second page loads, even with caching. I don’t even have caching installed on this site anymore!

Some other benefits I’ve noticed after switching from GoDaddy:

  • The administration console is CPanel
  • Unlimited MySQL databases (this was one of the main perks that convinced me to switch)
  • The ability to host multiple separate sites with even the Basic hosting package!
  • I haven’t seen a single up-sell attempt anywhere
  • Free CloudFlare integration


I could go on, but I’d rather keep this post short and end here: If you are looking for a place to host your site, take a look at HawkHost.

P.S. I do not work for HawkHost or their related companies. I did not receive any compensation for this review. However, I did link to HawkHost using my affiliate link, which all customers get for free.

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