Converting CSS selectors to XPath selectors with C#: css2xpath

While working with HtmlAgilityPack to build a web scrapper/crawler, I noticed something: I hate XPath. It’s big, clunky, and verbose. After a bit of searching, I found a neat online app: As the name suggests, it converts CSS selectors to XPath selectors. The only problem is that I wanted a client-side solution.

A little more searching, and I find css2xpath. It accomplishes the same thing as the web service, but does it client side, in JavaScript. So, I ported it to C#. And here we are.

The original css2xpath, written by Andrea Giammarchi, is a single JavaScript function that uses a series of Regexes to transform a CSS selector, step-by-step, into an XPath selector. My version does the same thing, and uses the same Regexes and transformation functions, but is written in C#.

Housed in a single static class, the handful of functions contained within are easy to use. For example:


Is all that it takes. That expression will yield: //*[@id='anID'].

Other features include the ability for you to define your own transformation rules. See the link below for more information and how to download. Enjoy!

Download/read about it at BitBucket:

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